Cinema Advertising is one of the most interesting new age Advertising options and effective medium to connect with a large number of audience who come to different theatres and multiplexes across India. It is the recent last few years when Cinema Advertising in India has become popular among the Advertisers due to increased availability of multiplexes in large numbers. It is also known as Theatre Advertising or Multiplex Advertising is now very popular medium, not only in metro cities but also in big urban cities and rural areas. Theatre Advertising is popular not only among large Advertisers but small budget Advertisers as well. Theatre Advertising Rates are cheaper as compared to other non-mass media options. The popular Cinema Advertising media options are slide on the screens, videos on the screens and cinema branding in the cinema complex.


Ad format for Cinema Advertising

Cinema Chain


PVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Wave, Cinemax and most Multiplexes


UFO Cinema Screens






Cinema Ads are accepted in mov and jpeg formats. Once these are shared with us, we can convert them into cinema Ad formats. There will be a conversion cost associated with cinema format conversion to J2K. Cinema slide size for on screen Advertising should be 2048 x 858 pixel. Only Image quality of 300 dpi or higher can be used.

Censor Certification for Cinema Advertising

A censor certificate is required to play any video Ad in a cinema, either you can apply for it directly to censor board or get it through our agency. Our agency makes sure to this process hassle free with the best rate.

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