Newspapers Advertising have the largest spend share among total marketing budget. The popular formats to Advertise in Newspapers are

  • Classified Advertisements
  • Display Advertisements
  • Innovative Advertisements

Classified Advertisements :

Ads appearing in the Classifieds section of the newspaper are low budget Advertisements. Classified Ads can be recognized by small Ads that are put together. They are mostly Advertised on left hand side of the newspaper. They are of two types : Run on Line (ROL) and Classified Display Ads. These are further divided in to various subcategories as Matrimonial Ads, Property Ads, Recruitment Ads, Business Ads, Announcements, Public Notices, Services Ad, Obituaries, Astrology Ads, Education Ads. ROL in Newspapers can either be Plain text (Classified Text) or images based called Display Classified Ads. The Newspaper Advertising tariff for these Advertisements is calculated on a per square centimeter basis. The minimum Ad size for Times Display classified Ad is 3 x 5

Display Advertisements:

The second most common category in newspaper Advertisement is Display Advertising in Newspaper. The size of these Newspaper Ads is bigger as compared classified Ads. The normal newspaper Advertising options are Full Page Ads, Half Page Ads, Quarter Page Ads and then smaller size Ads. Their costing depends on the Ad size. So a half page Ad will be more expensive than a quarter page Ad.


Innovative Advertisements :

The third category of Innovative Newspaper Advertising includes Advertising options outside of display Ad or classifieds. This Newspaper Advertising consist services such as Pointer Ads, Ear Panels, Samplings and Newspaper Jackets.


Newspaper Advertising Cost & Rates

Newspaper Advertising costs depend on various aspects – the size of newspaper Ads, preferred publications, circulation and readership, editions, preferred sections and positions of the papers, the volume with which you run the Ads, and whether it’s a color or black & white. So a half-page Ad will be more expensive than a quarter-page Ad. Premium newspaper Ad placements are costlier than that of non- premium Advertisements.


Newspaper Advertising size and Ad format

While the actual size of Newspaper Ad differs across publication, the following list of Newspaper Ad size will give you a general idea on square cm. This table also gives you the different Ad types available in Newspaper.

Ad Type

Dimension ( in

Full Page Newspaper Ad


Half Page Newspaper Ad


Quarter Page Newspaper Ad


Sky Bus Newspaper Ad


Jacket Newspaper Ad


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