Electronic Advertising or Television Advertising in India is the most popular platform of Advertising for brands to reach out to huge number of audience. TV Advertising in India is one of the most economical ways of promotion for massive and larger market size. Rates for Advertising in Television in India are quoted in terms of Advertising rate per 10 sec. A brand can reach out to complete India in a single instance with TV Ad. We offer in-depth analysis of demographics related to TV channels. Our team of young and passionate professionals not only design a successful TV promotion campaigns but also ensure best user’s attention and engagement.TV Ad are audio visual medium hence they engages with two senses of humans, eyes and ears, and is more impactful than other formats and as it reaches out to users multiple times it stays, it has powerful impact on their mind for a longer duration. There are more than 1000 Television channels in India. Television in India is broadcasted in homes through cables and direct to home (DTH).


Advertising options in Televisions:

Video Ads are the most popular media option for TV Advertising. Innovative television Advertising options include L Band, Scrollers and Aston Bands. Content integration is another popular Television Advertising option.

Here are few types of television video Ads

  • Regular FCT Ad
    These are the regular television Ads that we see. They are the most popular format of Ad on TV and are played during the break. Rates for regular TV Ads are available on the site.
  • Aston Band
    Aston Band is a flash Ad that plays at the bottom of the screen while the content is being played. Because Aston Band TV Ads are played on TV along with content, cost for Aston band on television is more than other formats.
  • Scrollers Ad
    A popular format of Ad in News Channels on television, the Ad keeps scrolling from one end to the other. Scroller Ads are short duration Ads and rates for scroller Ads depend on the channel.
  • Teleshopping Ad
    Teleshopping Ads on Television are in format of programs and mainly used for selling. The duration of teleshopping Ads vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Teleshopping Ads are played in non peak hours and is a low cost medium for Advertising on TV.
  • L-Band tv Ad
    L bands are L shaped Ads played on TV while the content is being played. As L Band Ads are played during the program, the cost of L Band Advertising is higher than regular Ads.


Television Advertising Ad Format

To play their Ad in television, Advertisers need to provide their Ad in mov format. Specification of the video Ad for Television Ads varies across the TV channels.


Following Ad format works for HD channels and most of the popular television channels in India.




Long GOP

Bit Rate Type


Video Codec


Video Bit Rate

50 Mbit/s





Frames Per Second

(i) 50 or (p) 25

Aspect Ratio

16:9 (Full Frame Only)

Audio Codec

PCM and Dolby E

Bits Per Sample

24 bits; Dolby E always 20

Of Audio Channels

4 tracks as per 1.2

Audio Sample Rate

48 kHz


The list of top popular Television in India for Advertising :

Channel Name


Star Plus

General Entertainment

Star Sports



General Entertainment

Sun TV

General Entertainment





Aaj Tak


Movies Now


National Geographic


Zee Cinema


Asia Net

General Entertainment

Zee Marathi

General Entertainment

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