Rajat Singh

CEO / Founder

“It is important to not see just your own success, but focus on the success of others.” With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry, Rajat Singh AKA Jay established KD King Dong in 2010 with a mind full of goals and innovation. Throughout the journey of the Founder and Director of KD King Dong, he has concentrated on motivating the team, excelling the future of the organization, working very closely with our clients towards making their ventures profitable, while creating a brand image in their sphere of business by providing them end-to-end business solutions and services with total satisfaction of the clients by supporting his team throughout. He is ambitious and a complete workaholic with a fun and friendly personality. He also enjoys timely going out on long drives and listening to music and loves cricket. He sets out a perfect example of a successful young entrepreneur!

Rasila Thakkar

Director / Finance

Managing the whole house to herself and a company, Ms.Rasila Thakkar never fails to give out a message that a woman can manage and juggle multiple tasks at once. She has been a true inspiration on all the women out there. She is the Director of KD King Dong and also directs and manages the finance department of the organization. She is like the second mother for the organization and treats everyone with love and respect. She loves travelling, cooking and sends delicious ‘maa ke haath ka khana” for everyone.

Jitendra Abhale

National Sales Head

Jitendra Abhale, National Sales Head expertises and leads nationwide sales team members to achieve sales targets and developing and implementing effective sales strategies. He has been in the industry for over 5 years and has been a part of the KD Kingdong family for over 2 years now. He always offers right solutions at the right timing and motivates the whole team to excel and step up to their maximum potential. He is quiet, Decisive, action-oriented, and able to motivate, inspire, and lead cross-functional teams in different regions and business units. Besides being a great sales head, he jokes around with funny puns.

Nikhil Bhatt

Bangalore Branch Head

We have successfully set up one of our company branches in Bangalore. Nikhil Bhatt, Bangalore Branch Head manages resources and staff, developing and attaining sales goals, delivering exceptional customer service, and growing the firm. He also has diligence, strong analytical skills, and the ability to prioritize, multitask, and focus on detail which are the key qualities.He has an effective interpersonal and team management skills with strong selling, persuasion and convincing skills. He has been in the industry for more than +4 years and has been connected with the KD Kingdong family since one year. He is strong headed and loves exploring new places.

Zubair Mohammed Khan

Hyderabad Branch Head

We have successfully set up one of our company branches in Hyderabad. Zubair Khan, Hyderabad Brand Head has been working in the industry since 3+ years, And, it has been one year he has been welcomed in the KD Kingdong family. He is a strong leader and excellent communicator who can drive consensus and articulate program recommendations and trade-offs to senior executives. Zubair has a keen eye for attention to detail, excellent organization skills, and ability to manage multiple projects and responsibilities.He is also a fast-paced, innovative, and rapidly evolving industry and business organization. He is always highly motivated and enthusiastic about grabbing new projects.

Arpita Rai

Delhi Branch Head

We have successfully set up one of our company's branches in Delhi, which has been taken care of by Miss. Arpita Rai. She has been associated with KD Kingdong for the past one year. Prior to this, she was working with SPAR Hypermarket, a Landmark Group entity, as Regional Marketing Manager. She has done her MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management and comes 5+yrs of work experience. She has an eye for details and looks for perfection in everything that she does. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, and learning new things.

Manisha Varma

National Operation Head

Manisha Varma, Head of Operations has been working with KD Kingdong for more than 3 years. She is a key part of a management team and oversees high-level HR duties, such as attracting talent and setting training standards and other hiring procedures. She also analyzes and improvises organizational processes, and works to improve quality, productivity and work efficiency. She has the knowledge of a solid financial background. Ultimately, she ensures that our operations run smoothly and that people are productive in every task assigned. She is highly focused towards her responsibilities and has excellent communication skills.Having a very fun and bubbly personality, she loves to socialize with new people and enjoys pleasant walks on the beach.