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Mall Activation

Mall activation is the process of building awareness for a company by engaging directly with the target audience. This can be done through different types of events or marketing campaigns. It’s an ideal way to generate brand awareness and to introduce new products/services to consumers.

Retail Activation

Retail activation is the deployment of experiences to promote store openings, engage shoppers, create shareable moments, and stimulate purchases. It is often classified as experiential retail, in-store events, or shopper marketing activations.

Corporate Activation

We consider your target market filtration points like location, age group, working industry and income group along with nature and feature of your products and services and demarcate the companies for your brand activation. Marketing techniques like setting up stalls and placing of roll-up standees in the company premises and high movement zones such as canteen, entry and exit points and waiting lobby are ideal spots to promote your products and services. Marketing material like leaflets, flyers, pen-drives and mini brochures also come in very handy to deliver the right message.

Society Activation

Society activation helps you get to your target consumer in an environment they are comfortable in. The fun and friendly atmosphere in which society activations are conducted make them a perfect choice for community bonding. Our spreadsheets of all societies in India are a detailed diagram categorizing housing societies according to the profile of residents, income group, age etc. Thus, hyper-targeting aids in promotion for your marketing and brand launches to your specific segment of buyers.

School Activation

School Promotion Activation is a dynamic blend of marketing, engagement, and outreach strategies designed to raise awareness, attract prospective students, and foster stronger connections with the community. It’s about creating a compelling brand identity and showcasing your school’s unique strengths

College Activation

Are you ready to unlock the immense potential of college audiences and establish a powerful presence on campuses across the nation? Look no further! At KD Kingdong Media, we specialize in promoting brands in college environments, turning students into passionate brand advocates.

Newspaper Inserts

Newspaper insert advertising is extremely impactful. Recent studies have found that newspaper inserts drive consumers, across all age and income groups, to act. Consumers prefer to receive inserts in newspapers rather than through the mail or on the Internet.

 Our services are available pan India. Our track record for delivering results has made us a credible option when it comes to print marketing.

Cab Branding

Transform Your Cabs into Powerful Brand Ambassadors with KD Kingdong! Experience Unmatched Visibility and Unforgettable Impact with our Premium Cab Branding Solutions. Capture Attention, Ignite Curiosity, and Drive Customer Engagement.

Canter Branding

“Let’s your Brand reach your customers on Wheels”
 Mobile Van advertising in India is done by fixing illuminated billboard on a truck which moves around the city and can be parked at targeted places. An extremely effective mode of advertisement due to its mobility, It is the best medium to cover cities and rural areas as well.  The road show attracts large amount of crowd and can get customer to notice your brands easily.

Auto Branding

Amongst the most effective media for promoting products, auto rickshaw advertising is the most feasible and effective option. It helps your communication reach to the masses in every nook and corner of the city.

Tricycle Branding

Tricycle branding can be an extremely effective as well as efficient medium for advertising. In this type of advertising special boxes baring ads are propped up on tricycles which make rounds slowly across the pre-decided routes. Since these tricycles are meant solely for the purpose of advertising, the advertiser has a lot more control over the medium than they may have in other transit mediums. The exact areas to be covered and the timings are all entirely based on the advertisers need and the audience to be targeted.

Pole Branding

The most efficient and impressionable way of advertising and branding. Pole Kiosk Advertising comprises of putting up small and compact advertising billboards on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads.

These small but conspicuous pole kiosk billboards attract roving eyes of large number of people passing through these roads. Their eyes come and rest on these boards because of their attractiveness and hence they become an very effective medium to draw attention and create an ever-lasting impression on the mind of movers on the roads.

Printing & Fabrication

At KD Kingdong Media Agency, we believe that every message, every brand, and every idea deserves to be presented in the most captivating and engaging way possible. That’s why we’re your trusted partner for all your Printing & Fabrication needs. With our state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled artisans, we transform your visions into tangible, eye-catching reality.

No Parking Boards

No parking boards are widely used choice for advertisers these days. Longevity, ease of installation and general acceptability plays a vital role in their proliferation in tier 1,2 and 3 cities in India.
They are not just restricted to major metros alone, almost all cities are slowly but surely grabbing to the idea of the no parking advertisements opportunities.

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