Rapidly growing MAU and video views made these apps one of the
fastest growing OTT platform in the country.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are placed in high-traffic locations on web pages, creating brand awareness and generating click-throughs, purchases, and leads. These high-visibility locations include the front, bottom, or the side of a webpage; places where the eyes of browsers usually wander.

Mid Roll & Pre Roll Ads

Video marketing is booming – video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion are free for users, and they monetize traffic mainly with video units. The rise of digital video advertising has given birth to the type of ad that is more interactive than television commercial.

Ads inserted into videos are classified into Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll ads based on their position or placement in the video i.e., before, in the middle, or after the video completes playback.

Spotlight Stubs & Frames

Spotlight stubs are native display ads that are placed alongside video content, You can target your audience based on:

  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Interest
  • Devices
  • Mobile Carriers
  • Custom Filters


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