Below the Line

BTL gives exposure to a concentrated set of audience. BTL marketing activities are a proficient and cost-effective means for focusing on a target audience and particular gathering. Brand activation gives the golden opportunity to brands to meet and interact with its customer. Live interaction helps brands to connect with the audience directly and in turn builds a strong bond with your target group.  Unique brand activation ideas can help brands reach untapped market. It gives your brand visibility and makes it known in the consumer world.

Auto Backs

Auto Advertising is a catchy and innovative advertising medium that can draw the audience’s attention with its novice charm and unusualness .It is a high impact, eye catching and cost effective from of transit / mobile advertising. Advertising on auto rickshaw Holds audience captive, and thus gives effective visibility to the brand.


Look Walkers

Look Walker is the latest innovative mobile form of Advertising. Look walker being an innovative marketing solution aids in attracting and engaging target audiences. In this kind of Ad the walking billboards moves in and around the target area. It is a best medium to create an impact in a market.

No Parking Boards

No Parking Boards is a very cost effective media to advertise on. NO Parking Boards acts as a welcome agent for any society and greets every resident and nonresident of the locality. Advertisement on 'NO Parking' Board generates curiosity in the minds of on-lookers, and your brand stays in their mind at conscious as well as sub conscious level.  With advertising options on the 'No Parking' sign boards in residential and commercial complexes, reach out to potential buyers, right at their literal doorstep.

Tricycle Branding

Tricycle branding is very popular BTL form of advertising , both in Big cities, as well as small towns. Tricycle branding meets ones prospective customers at an almost eye level.  It is however an outdoor media with non-lit and lit option also, but have the advantage of moving on wheels to your desired place targeting any market segment, area.

Newspaper Insertions

Newspaper Insertions has been proven to be one of the highly successful and cost effective methods of ensuring your message gets into the right hands and minds of your actual target market. It is a core advertisement solution for local market. Newspaper inserts are becoming more recognized as a form of media to promote a wide variety of brand messages. This affordable channel offers quick execution and precise targeting capabilities, is a great way to draw attention to ads on a regular basis, and offers a number of advantages compared to traditional newspaper display ads.

Pole kiosks

Pole Kiosks - the most efficient and impressionable way of advertising and branding. These small but conspicuous pole kiosk billboards attract roving eyes of large number of people passing through these roads. Their eyes come and rest on these boards because of their attractiveness and hence they become an very effective medium to draw attention and create an ever-lasting impression on the mind space of movers on the roads. The presence of these pole kiosk billboards is capable of drawing the undivided attention of passers-by. If properly mixed the pole selections and kiosk creations can do wonders to promote brand awareness.


Canter Activity

Canter Advertising is designed in such a manner that they offer the ease to the users, to understand the brand. For Canter branding. Canter Advertising is economically viable.  Led Canter can also be used to display video Ads too. Canter advertisement in India creates unique brand presence in target neighborhoods. Mobile Van Billboard delivers brand messaging in attractive manner.  Canter advertising is better option where other means are impossible to go. It gives excellent reach through high-traffic.